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Not everyone can drive the ball like a tour player carrying it 300 yards, but there is no reason why everyone can't putt like one. Putting is a skill many handicap golfers struggle with, and the stats back it up. The average golfer has 40 putts per round, and a PGA Tour player averages 29. That's staggering!!

Please check out The Putt Like A Pro curriculum below to see all the topics discussed in 37 videos. Each will include concise and informative tuition that will transform your ability on the greens.

If you're buying the PLAP series for someone else, please print the gift card to make it extra special.

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Putt Like A Pro Curriculum (37 Videos)


  • Goals for the Course
  • The Importance of Putting

Set Up / Technique

  • Grip
  • Grip Pressure
  • Posture
  • Eye Line
  • Ball Position
  • Shaft Plane
  • Body Lines / Alignment
  • Teaching Cues
  • Visio Mi Putting Template
  • Strike
  • Swing Length
  • Checkpoints

Green Reading

  • Approaching the Green
  • Green Reading Routine
  • Seeing The Break (Visualisation)
  • Alignment Aids
  • Testing The Routine
  • Fast v Slow Greens
  • Grainy Greens
  • Matching Pace & Line

How To Practice

  • Practice Structure
  • Jack's Personal Practice Routine

Performance Putting Drills

Holing Out

  • Diamond Drill
  • NESW Spiral Drill
  • 3 Life Drill

Mid Range

  • 100ft Stroked Gained Drill
  • Drag Back Drill
  • PGA Tour Circle Drill


  • 5 Life Drill
  • Drag Back
  • Points Game

Pre-Round Warm Up

  • Routine

Putting Fitting

  • What To Look For?
  • Love Your Putter

Summary / Round Up

What happens after I purchase the Putt Like A Pro series?

After purchasing Putt Like A Pro you will be emailed the Video Series. Enter the password provided by Jack and enjoy the content. The content will never expire and if you have any questions contact JGA and we'll help anyway we can.



Is the program suitable for beginners?

Yes. The programs are designed for people of all levels. The series will begin with the foundations and build to more complex topics. Whether you're a professional or novice you'll learn something.

Are the plans a one time payment or a subscription?

One-time payment and you'll have the content for ever so you can look back and refresh the skills learned.

I don't have much time in my schedule, how long will it take?

All the plans have different durations but they can be taken in your own time at your own pace.


Whatever your device, view the series with 4K graphics, optional subtitles and a perfect screen set-up.

  • N Ounstead

    Simple, and precise tuition that is easy to follow and implement. Putt Like A Pro covered all area's to improve my putting.

  • T Charng-Tai

    I love the course, it's easy to access and I have the content at my finger tips.

  • S Roa

    This program has helped my putting massively, I feel more confident on the greens and now trust my routine. Thanks Jack!

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