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JGA has specifically designed an entire video series to combat the dreaded slice. Throughout the program, you will be educated on the characteristics of slicing of the golf ball and what causes this shot that so many of us fear.

Jack will break down each component in its simplest form and show you how to stand on the tee with total confidence. By the end of the series, you will have a drill library that you can refer back to at any time which will make your practice efficient and effective. 

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Is the program suitable for beginners?

Yes. The programs are designed for people of all levels. The series will begin with the foundations like grip and pre-shot routine and build to more complex topics. Whether you're a professional or novice you'll learn something.

Are the plans a one time payment or a subscription?

One-time payment and you'll have the content for ever so you can look back and refresh the skills learned.

I don't have much time in my schedule, how long will it take?

All the plans have different durations but they can be taken in your own time at your own pace.