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Effortlessly improve putting, designed specifically with the player in mind! The Capto EZ utilises all the accuracy and data quality of the Gen 2 model, so you can trust the results. Train using either the screen on the device or connect on the app with your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Product Features:

  • High-frequency data capturing
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • It can work indoors and outdoors up to 50 meters from the base
  • Easy & quick set-up
  • Dimensions: 60.45mm x 41.3mm x 44.8mm
  • Weight: 49 grams
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Live Aim Compass

The Capto app will understand where the player is aiming automatically, and can tell where the player is aiming in relation to the target.

Live Biofeedback

Sound chimes for good or bad aim, allowing user to easily adjust and learn correct position.

Simple Calibration

Calibration is simple and the same as CAPTO 1, rotating the unit on the shaft. The Unit is lightweight at just 49 grams.

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3D Motion

Understand precisely how the putter is moving in 3D and view the putting stroke from every conceivable angle.

Capto Measures Endless Data...

3 intensities of the magnetic field, 3 angular speeds and 3 accelerations. With the integration of gyroscopes Capto obtain angles values. Integration of the accelerometers obtains movement speeds and, with further integration, the putter positions.

The result is over 30 measurable parameters to dissect your game and identify how you can improve.

For The Players

Even lighter, but with all the data and live feedback display, the EZ sensor designed for the player enables them to develop their putting theory and stroke mechanics instantly.


What can be measured with the EZ sensor?

Capto EZ can give instant data on 8 parameters, including Face, Shaft, Lie, Track, Arc, Tempo, Energy Loss and Impact Acceleration.

How can I see the data of my putts?

The live feedback can show two data parameters with every putt. The Capto App enables you to view all parameters of every putt at any given point in time.

What is the score feature?

The app breaks down the data to give you a score based on how you putt, turning your practice into a game. Automatically analysing and comparing the results instantaneously, you get scored on, rotation, trajectory and dynamics to give an overall score for every putt.

How does Aim Express work?

A simple calibration utilising the reference line, enable you address the ball correctly and recall the sensations acquired during training on the course.

Is there a subscription fee?

There is an annual subscription fee to use the Capto App, this is paid at purchase on either the Apple App Store or the Play Store, and enables you to gather all the data to improve your game for a year.

  • Worlds Best Coaches

    Trusted by the worlds best coaches to deliver exact, concise, real time data, Capto lets the worlds best coaches, coach more effectively and efficiently, allowing every player to become their best.

  • Universities & Colleges

    Capto golf is being used by the worlds leading universities and college golf teams, developing the next generation of world class golfers.

  • Tour Professionals

    With over 25 world wide wins, Capto is used by the worlds best players to enhance their game.

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