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If you aren't confident getting out of bunkers or want to add different shots to your repertoire then the Bunker Masterclass is designed for you. This video series will teach you the foundations from your set-up to executing the most challenging and rewarding shots around the greens. 

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    Bunker Masterclass Curriculum (32 Videos)


    • Goals for the Course

    Set Up

    • Grip / Grip Pressure
    • Posture
    • Weight Distribution
    • Ball Position
    • Alignment
    • Handle Position / Shaft Lean
    • Clubface


    • Swing Motion
    • Maintaining Loft
    • Strike
    • Swing Length / Tempo
    • Using Bounce

    Shot Routine

    • Approaching The Bunker
    • Pre-Shot Routine

    Situational Shots

    • The Spinner
    • Chunk'N'Run
    • The Draw
    • Up Against The Face
    • Ball Above Feet
    • Ball Below Feet
    • Bunkers With Lots Of Sand
    • Bunkers With Little Sand
    • Plugged Ball

    How To Practice

    • Practice Structure

    Performance Drills

    • Up'N'Down Challenge
    • Distance Challenge
    • 2 Ball Matchplay
    • 21

    Bonus Video's

    • The Butterfly Grip
    • Fairway Bunkers


    • That's A Wrap!!

    What happens after I purchase the Bunker Masterclass?

    After purchasing the Bunker Masterclass you will be emailed the Video Series. Enter the password provided by Jack and enjoy the content. The content will never expire and if you have any questions about the Masterclass contact JGA and we'll help anyway we can.


    Is the program suitable for beginners?

    Yes. The programs are designed for people of all levels. The series will begin with the foundations and build to more complex topics. Whether you're a professional or novice you'll learn something.

    Are the plans a one time payment or a subscription?

    One-time payment and you'll have the content for ever so you can look back and refresh the skills learned.

    I don't have much time in my schedule, how long will it take?

    All the plans have different durations but they can be taken in your own time at your own pace.


    Whatever your device, view the series with 4K graphics, optional subtitles and a perfect screen set-up.