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Course management is a skill that many players overlook and waste shots because of it. Having the right strategy can give you confidence while playing, knowing you've got the correct club and the line so go and execute the shot. Whether you're the best player in the world or a 20-handicap golfer, we all hit poor shots, but the best players make better decisions more often.

Mapping The Golf Course is an online lesson where you and Jack will sit down on a video call and plan the best strategy for a course of your choice. It could be your home course or a new layout where you have an upcoming competition. The process will last around an hour and use GPS tools so you'll finish the call knowing where to hit it. When you arrive on-site, you can then map the greens, Jack will teach you how. MTC will help you elimate bogeys and make more birdies from playing smart golf.


“A big part of managing a golf course is managing your swing on the course. A lot of guys can go out and hit a golf ball, but they have no idea how to manage what they do with the ball. I've won as many tournaments hitting the ball badly as I have hitting the ball well."
- Jack Nicklaus -
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Do you need to know your club yardages?

You would get more out of the session if you did because Jack would be able to advise on club selection.

Do you get anything to takeaway from the session?

Yes! You'll get a Powerpoint with a screenshot of every hole and descriptive reasoning on why you should hit that shot.